Professional transport

tel/fax 0048 48 618 48 08
The MARKO EXPRES Transport Company exists in the transportation market since 2007. We provided thousands of service orders since then. 
We specialize in transport services across European Union. 
Additionally,  offer comprehensive transport and logistics services of high quality in the field of express deliveries, groupage and full load, both domestic and international. 
Services provided by our company are tailored to the individual needs of each client. 
We employ qualified staff who will provide you transport any type of cargo as well as ensure on-time delivery.
We have developed unique methods of managing the trucks so that transport took place in a timely manner with full optimization of routes and journey times. 

Main features of our company:
  • punctuality
  • individual approach
  • professionalism
  • competitive prices
  • important for our company is our common development and jointly achieved benefits.
We invite you to get to know more about us and our offer.
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